Academic Policies & Procedures

Deadlines and Processes

Academic deadlines and dates

The academic coordinator communicates academic dates and deadlines throughout the year, but it is ultimately your responsiblity to follow them. You may view the registrar's calendar here. There is also a gcal, shown to the right.

For infomation about how to use my.harvard to go through these processes, please go to

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Sophomore Advising

The Sophomore Advising Program promotes the academic and personal well-being of sophomores at a critical and exciting time in their academic years. Sophomore Advisors affiliated with each House serve as primary academic advisors to incoming sophomores and guide them through the process of declaring a concentration and transitioning to house life.

Cabot’s Sophomore Advising Program is overseen by its Sophomore Advising Coordinator (SAC) Meg Lockwood, Resident Dean in Cabot House. Over the summer, the SAC matches each incoming sophomore with a Resident Tutor or House...

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