Fast Track


Cabot Fast Track Party Policy Pilot


  • To empower students to responsibly host impromptu / organic social gatherings 
  • To encourage continued development of an inclusive, safe and intentional social life in Cabot’s residential community by removing perceived barriers to ‘organic’ socialization.
  • To enhance students’ ability to react in real-time to on-campus social developments by providing alternative party spaces within the residence halls.
  • To reinforce house values and emphasize the role of safety, community and mutual respect in developing and sustaining on-campus social life.
  • To reframe party registration as a step in a joint project of building social life in the residence halls.
  • To deepen the discussion around alcohol and sexual assault on campus and ensure that student hosts feel empowered to make a positive impact through mindful planning and bystander intervention. 

What is it?

  • This policy will first be piloted with Juniors and Seniors at Cabot who have expressed or demonstrated interest in previous terms. After feedback and revisions, expansion will be considered.
  • To qualify, all members of a suite participate in a 90-minute workshop on responsible party-hosting.
  • Once the students have completed the workshop, they will be added to the Fast track registration list.
  • Fast track registration allows students to by-pass the regular party-registration process and Thursday deadline during weekends when parties are permitted; it allows for impromptu small private parties* 
  • Instead of registering in advance, students can fill out a quick online form and notify the tutor on call of a same day event up until midnight. Filling out the online form will generate an automatic text to the tutor-on-call phone.

What do I need to do?

  • Sign up and attend a workshop session. All members of a suite must attend a workshop in order for a suite to qualify. They do not have to attend on the same day.
  • Fast track register your party before it begins by 
    • Filling out the quick google form you received at training
    • Confirming receipt with tutor on call (the tutor will be in touch or you may call 617-512-6088 if time is short).

*New Guidelines for what constitutes a party at Cabot
15 people or less = not a party
16-50 people = small private party, Fast Track Eligible
51-100 people = large private party, regular party registration applies
More than 100 people = large event, regular party registration applies + consultation with house staff re: planning.

All parties are by personal invitation only, which includes Cabot inclusive events.  

General capacity guidelines: 10 people per room. Eg. A 5-room suite could reasonably host 50 guests.

How many hosts are required? A good rule of thumb is to have one host per 25 guests.