House Committee

The Cabot House Committee is a student organization that collaborates with the house administration and student body to improve House life, address student concerns, and foster a strong community within the house. Among their many functions, the Committee organizes and hosts house formals, stein clubs, and Harvard-Yale tailgates; monitors and maintains the weight room; hosts the annual "Dutch Auction" and welcomes the sophomores into the house. Contact any of the members with questions or suggestions.

Cabot HoCo was founded in 1863 by Harvard All-Star brothers William and Henry James. The brothers envisioned a HoCo that funded events where "the beer flows like wine" and which "are passional tendencies and volitions which run before and others which come after belief, and it is only the latter that are too late for the fair; and they are not too late when the previous passional work has been already in their own direction," whatever that means.

Cabot HoCo has been been consistently awesome since its founding, with the exception of the months following the Great Cambridge Flood of 1910, when Cabot House was inadvertently filled with herring (which later came to be featured in its seal, which depicts three awesome red fish on an awesome gold background).

If you haven't already, you should probably consider transferring to Cabot just to be nearer to the Cabot HoCo.

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