The Cabot House Committee (HoCo) is an organization of students responsible for putting on events for the students of Cabot House. Cabot HoCo is also given responsibility over some common spaces in Cabot, such as the House gym, the recreational space next to the Cabot Cafe, and the Aquarium (a party space in F-Entry). 

Cabot HoCo works in coordination with the House and the College, and has its own funding to put on events for Cabot students. Anyone can come to a HoCo meeting, which are usually held on Sunday nights in the Private Dining Room.

Their annual events include:

  • Winter Formal
  • Quadstock (an outdoor fall festival)
  • Housing Day
  • Spring Formal

Weekly or recurring events include: 

  • study breaks
  • stein clubs
  • Wellness activities
  • Big Fish/Little Fish

Elections for HoCo members usually happen towards the end of the fall (November/December). The HoCo term runs from January to December. 

More information will be presented to Cabot students at the beginning of the school year.