Cabot House has 363 beds assigned for student use. Of these approximately 250 are in suites (69%). Approximately 120 are located in single rooms (31%).

We want all students to be successful in what they do, and be happy and healthy. If some aspect of your living situation is causing you distress, contact the House Administrator (ca-ha@fas.harvard.edu). If the problem is a physical flaw with your room (burned-out lightbulb, damaged window screen, bad faucet), please contact the Building Manager (ca-super@fas.harvard.edu). The Building Manager and your House Administrator work together closely, so don't hesitate if you have a problem.

Cabot sophomores are housed by the House Administrator over the summer between their freshmen and sophomore years. These students are contacted in the spring of their freshmen year and asked to indicate their preference for a single or a suite, and who they would like to live with or near. Freshmen are also given an opportunity to confidentially ask the House Administrator anything that might affect their housing. Housing for sophomores is usually announced in August, to coincide with the release of housing information accross all other Houses. 

Cabot students who will be juniors and seniors on campus in the fall of the next academic year are given the opportunity to participate in Cabot's Housing Lottery in the spring of each year. Each student is assigned a lottery number, which represents the order in which a student may come and select their room. The specifics of the lottery process and its rules are made available to the students of the house, and results are shared within the house community. There is also a process by which students may request changes in housing after the lottery. The largest suite size holds 6 people. The smallest suite holds 2 people. 

Cabot students who return to campus during the spring semester are housed at the discretion of the House Administrator. The House Administrator will contact a returning student prior to their return and give them options for housing-- this conversation usually happens in November. These conversations are confidential, but the House Administrator will make every effort to house students according to their preference if possible. 

If you will not be on campus in a given semester, there are college-wide resources to help you make changes. 

Changes to your Housing Status:

All forms for changing housing status are online at https://starrez.fas.harvard.edu/StarRezPortal/. This includes Housing Cancellation Forms, Returning Student Housing Forms, Inter-House Transfer Forms, Dudley Co-op Housing Forms, and more! For detailed information about these forms, you can visit the Office of Student Life website.

To access these forms, you need to log in with your HUID & PIN. This means that no one can change your housing status but you-- your House Administrator cannot change your status for you. You have to do it. If you don't, the college won't recognize your request.


Cabot House works with the Accessible Education Office to provide special accomodations for students with special needs (accessibility-related, academic, or personal). Needs-based housing is given to the House exclusively by the AEO. Housing requests which come from the AEO will take precidence over other housing change requests. All other needs-based requests for housing will be treated as a preference, unless the AEO also confirms the need. Cabot treats student preferences seriously, and makes no judgements about which request is more valid than any other request. Cabot strives to meet as many student preferences it can. 

Cabot's motto is Semper Cor, which means "Always Heart." Cabot tries to be thoughtful about housing students, and listen to them. Our housing options are not unlimited, but we do try to work with student needs as much as we can in order to meet student needs.