Key Forms and Dates

Academic deadlines and dates

The academic coordinator communicates academic dates and deadlines throughout the year, but it is ultimately your responsiblity to follow them. You may view the registrar's calendar here. There is also a gcal, shown above.

Cross registration

The main tool used for cross-registration is the Harvard University Course Catalog

To see your courses in the Cross-Registration List click here.

To see directions for undergraduate students for cross-registering  click here.

Cross-register Concentration Credit Petition
Concentration Credit Petition – Due by the Fifth Monday of the Term


1. Login to the Harvard University Course Catalog with your HUID and PIN.

2. Research courses of interest using the Harvard University Course Catalog. Be sure to review schedules, meeting times, enrollment limits, and exam dates. Be certain the course is not cross-listed with your Home School. Students are discouraged from cross-registering for courses that cover subjects/courses available in their Home School.

3. Create an online cross-registration petition form.

  • To add a course to your cross-registration petition form, on the course details page, under Cross-registration click the ‘add to cross-registration petition list’ check box in the bottom left-hand corner.
  • Note: You may add multiple courses to your cross-registration petition form.

4. Submit an online cross-registration petition form.
To submit an online cross-registration petition form:

1. Select My Cross-Registration List from the home page or any search results or course details page.

2. On the cross-registration petition list:

  1. Select a grading option from the drop-down menu if prompted.
  2. Select a level from the drop-down menu if prompted.
  3. Click Submit Online Petition.
  4. Enter your Home School from drop-down menu if prompted.
  5. Enter your Program/Department from drop-down menu if prompted.
  6. Enter your Degree Year from drop-down menu if prompted.
  7. Click Confirm in the pop-up.

3. Please speak to the resident dean and the instructor about your interest in cross-registering.

4. Your Allston-Burr Resident Dean and the instructors will receive an email alerting them that you are interested in cross-registering for the course. Resident deans and instructors approve or deny student requests online.

5. Students are not enrolled in the course until they receive email notification from the Host School registrar.

6. Students enrolled in a course can drop the course by following the current add/drop procedures at their Home School.


Other Information:

The course will not count towards your GPA unless you apply for concentration credit. The grade will appear on your transcript either way.

Second-semester seniors should be aware that their grades may not arrive in time for their degree meeting. These meetings in 2013-14 are February 4, 2014 for students finishing in December and May 27, 2014 for students finishing in May. If your grades do not arrive in time, your diploma may not be released (if you otherwise have met all 16.0 credit and degree requirements) or your degree will be voted on provisionally (if you need the course to graduate/meet concentration requirements). Your diploma will be released once all grades are in.

Deadline: If FAS and the school you are registering into have have different deadlines, the earlier deadline is followed for cross-registration.

More Information:You may wish to review the registrar office's information on cross-registration policies here.