Key Processes


Registration lets the registrar know that you are on campus and planning to attend courses. 

At the beginning of each term, students must register online once they arrive on campus. This is a simple procedure in which students will verify their names and receive importan

t documents. The process also allows students to electronically create a Study Card. Register online by accessing the portal and selecting the “Campus Resources” tab. There should be a status line with a link to register online. For more information about the process, please visit the registrar’s site here and here.

Submitting a study card

Students enroll in courses via the Study Card. The enrollment (Study Card) application is under the “Courses” tab of the site. Use the “Course Planner” to choose your courses. Once you have selected your courses, print the study card and obtain the required signatures. You will need your advisor’s signature and signatures for any courses that require instructor’s signatures.

  •  Your card must have a bar code. Do not turn in an “advising draft.” Study cards are processed electronically and this bar code is necessary for processing.
  • If your course has an asterisk, you must have the instructor’s approval to enroll in the course and must sign your study card to indicate that approval.
  • If a course does not require a signature, the box to the right of the instructor’s name will state “signature not required”
  • Only turn in one Study Card with all required signatures.
  • Do not make handwritten changes to the study card. Again, the cards are processed electronically and these changes will not process. Edit your card online and reprint the card with any changes.

Submit Study Cards from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. to Beth in Cabot A-entry way on Study Card Day (about a week after the beginning of classes), or at any other undergraduate house Study Card location. For more information on enrolling in courses, please visit the registrar’s site here and here.

Applying with simultaneous enrollment

When applying for simultaneous enrollment, you must fulfill one of three requirements stipulated in the rules for simultaneous enrollment in the student handbook here. You must petition the AdBoard to attend to courses that overlap. If your classes are absolutely necessary for you to graduate in your Senior year, if they are videotaped and only overlap by 1/3rd or less, or if your professors agree to give you compensatory time in teaching instruction, you may be allowed to simultaneously enroll through petitioning the Adboard. You must secure permission from both professors, and have the professor of the class you will be missing describe in a statement how you will be granted “hour-for-hour compensatory instruction.” Merely watching an online lecture is not sufficient compensatory instruction.