Storage is open this week

May 8, 2017

Storage rooms will be open for Cabot students who wish to store. Usual rules apply: students living within 150 miles of the University are ineligible for storage. Graduating seniors and people who will not be on campus in the fall term are ineligible. Remember, even if you’re staying here for Commencement, storage hours still apply. Storage will not be open during Commencement.

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Important dates to remember

May 1, 2017

April 27, Thursday, through May 3, Wednesday

May 4, Thursday, through May 13, Saturday

May 12, Friday:

  • Deadline to submit a fall term Inter-House Transfer Application (Round 2).
  • Deadline to submit a Housing Contract Cancellation form for the fall term without financial penalty.

May 14, Sunday:

  • Non-graduates must vacate their rooms by noon.

Thank you to HoCo

May 1, 2017

Thank you to HoCo for all of your brilliant work this spring—stein clubs, yoga, IMs, formals, auctions, assassins, Yardfest, Housing Day, paint nights, and study breaks, you have done a fantastic job bringing community to the house. Semper Cor.