House resources over Thanksgiving Break-- 11/24 to 11/28

November 22, 2021

Cabot dining hall closed for Thanksgiving break (11/24-11/28): Cabot dining hall will be closing Tuesday, 11/23 after dinner. It will re-open for the dinner meal on Sunday, 11/28. On Thanksgiving Day (11/25), only Annenberg dining hall will be open. For more information about various dining hall availabilities please visit:

House is open, university is closed: For thanksgiving break (Wednesday 11/24 to Sunday 11/28), the University is closed for the holiday. The Houses will still be accessible to our residents—your IDs will still work for building access. Common spaces will be accessible, but not reservable. Tutors may hold rooms for house events during this time, but all common spaces will be available for casual use. However, please respect the 25 person maximum limit on room occupancy, set by Environmental Health & Safety.

No parties allowed over break: As much as you know I love getting party forms from you, no parties will be allowed over Thanksgiving break. This is a university-wide rule. Quiet hours are in effect 10 p.m. to 10 a.m. every day over the Thanksgiving break (11/24 to 11/28). Gatherings past 10 p.m. that become loud may be subject to disciplinary action, so please be mindful of the party restriction for this timeframe.

All kitchens will be open as student resources—cannot be reserved: All kitchens (including H-101) will be open during Thanksgiving break as resources for Cabot students to use without a room reservation. This means that no kitchen may be reserved for a private event between 11/24 to 11/28. All students are welcome to come in and use these spaces to prepare food. The only exception would be for house-organized events, which are open to the whole on-campus community (In other words, Cabot reserves the right to reserve a kitchen or common room for house-based events during Thanksgiving break). That being said, please be mindful of quiet hours. If you are making noise in a common space past 10 p.m., you may be asked to leave.