No fee for cancelling housing by 8/11

July 21, 2021

If you aren’t sure about your return, or are considering moving off campus, please note you can cancel your housing at the housing portal: (look for the link to “housing forms” and then choose “housing cancellation” from the drop-down menu).

If you are taking a leave of absence for the fall, please also get in touch with the resident dean and academic coordinator in addition to cancelling your housing. I’d appreciate being included in your email as well—it’s helpful to have something to refer back to.

You can cancel your housing through August 11th with no fee. After that, there is a steadily increasing set of fines for cancelling at later dates.

The full college info on housing cancellation and returns is here: (if you want to see the full fee schedule for cancelling your housing after August 11, click on the “term bill adjustments and fees” tab).