Regular Programming

Cabot tutors, staff and students work together to come up with original programming. If there's an event or series that you would like to host for Cabot House, come talk to us about it. We can help you reserve a room, get food, and get your event publicized to the House. Just let us know! 

Event Series: 

Cabot Culinaries: If you like to cook your own meals and eat them too, join Cabot Culinaries. We buy the ingredients and cook them up in the N-Entry Kitchen, and then enjoy a family-style dinner. All are welcome! For more information, contact Bethany Kibler. 

Cabot Formal Hall: Offered about twice per term, Cabot House offers a formal dining experience on a sign-up basis. These are formal dinners hosted in the Barnard Music Room (M/N Entry), followed by drinks and dessert in the Senior Common Room. Formal attire recommended. 

Open House: Offered once per month, the Faculty Deans of Cabot invite all members of the community to come to their house for delicious food and socializing. No agenda, just good food and good company. The theme changes every month: Sushi, Indian Food, Barbecue, and Mexican Food Truck are common. 

Cabot Outings: Tutors regularly schedule outings and trips of all sorts for students. Look for emails from your tutors about upcoming events. Past outings (in no particular order) include: 

  • Hiking in the White Mountains
  • Rock climbing trip 
  • Ice Skating

If you have an idea for a trip for Cabot, let us know!

Passions and Pursuits: Are you still exploring your career options? Would you like to see what else is out there? Passions and Pursuits is a series of workshops designed to help students explore their skills and mindfully choose their paths. Look for events in the weekly newsletter. 

Arts Programming: In addition to programming in the Third Space, Cabot occasionally offers artistic programming. Past events have included mural painting and workshops with artists. 

Inter-House programs: Cabot often partners with the other Houses of the Quad for larger events. These include the winter and spring formals, the ice bar, pre-Yardfest festivities, barbecues and movie nights. 

Once-per-year events: 



Spring/Winter Formal

Housing Day

Super Bowl Viewing Party


Your tutor team will be organizing tables on a weekly basis, covering both academic and non-academic subjects. These are just opportunities to sit down with a tutor informally in the dining hall to talk about a particular topic.