Room Reservations

Cabot has common rooms in each of our 6 buildings, plus several located in our basement tunnel system. These spaces are available to members of our Cabot community for reservation. Here are some details regarding the terms and the process. 

How do I reserve a space?

  1. Log in to
  2. After HUID & PIN, your home screen should have an option for Cabot House rooms you can reserve—select the date/time in the left menu, and hit “search”, and a listing of rooms should populate on the screen.
  3. Select a room, then navigate over to “reservation details” in the menu along the top to fill out the information about your event.
  4. When finished, click “create reservation.”

Reservations which follow the guidance about room reservations will be approved.


Here are the terms & conditions of use:

  1. Masks must be worn at all times in common rooms.
  2. Students may reserve for a group of up to 10 people (including the host).
  3. Common rooms can be reserved between 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day.
  4. Rooms must be clean and returned to good condition at the end of each reservation (even if you don’t believe you were directly responsible for causing any mess). This includes removing trash and/or personal items at the end of each use. You may not store personal items or equipment in common rooms—they may be discarded by staff. Just as a reminder:
    • Trash barrels are located in the basement of every building.
    • The dumpster is located along Walker Street, in the red shed in front of F-Entry.
    • The ability to make reservations may be suspended for violations. Students may be held liable for damage to Harvard/Cabot property.
  5. Students may make recurring reservations. Room reservations will end on the first day of reading period. At this time you cannot make reservations for reading period, exam week, winter break, or for the spring term.
  6. Cabot common rooms & spaces are intended to be used by Cabot residents—if you are the one making the reservation, you are assumed to be in the room during your reserved time, and will be held accountable for all behavior in the space you reserved.
  7. If you are feeling ill (have a fever, or are showing symptoms of an illness) or have been advised by Harvard to isolate or quarantine, you may not reserve a common room until you are cleared by University Health Services. Reservations may be cancelled for this reason.
  8. No liquids or fluids of any kind may be placed on the pianos.
  9. Tutors & staff may cancel a reservation at any time if the event is deemed unsafe, or not following Harvard guidance around event safety, or guidance in the Harvard Student Handbook. The ability to make future reservations may be suspended at the discretion of tutors or senior staff for violations; Community Council or the Administrative Board may be involved, as necessary. Please keep in mind the Community Expectations Related to COVID-19.


The rooms available for reservation are:

  • The Barnard Common Room (M/N Entry)
  • The Bertram Common Room (K Entry)
  • The Lansing Room (L-Entry)
  • The basement small classroom (B004, next to “Under the C”)
  • The Cabot Living Room (E-Entry)
  • The Cabot Theater (F-Entry)
  • The Whitman Common Room (G-Entry)
  • The Private Dining Room (Dining Hall)
  • The Dance Studio (K-Entry, basement)


Some spaces are not on this list, because they are student-managed, and will open later with their own set of criteria for use. These include:

  • The Cabot Café
  • H-101/The Galley
  • The Third Space (Art Studio)
  • The gym
  • The Aquarium

Cabot's purpose in spelling out these rules is to be able to have spaces available to our residents in a sustainable way. We really want Cabot Students to be able to access to good quality spaces in a way which is compliant with Harvard event guidance and the student handbook.