Whether you are a sophomore, junior, or senior, we are here to help you apply for fellowships and grants. Fellowships and grants are available for undergraduate or graduate study (either in the United States or abroad), term-time or summer research, postgraduate or summer travel, public service or artistic projects, and much more. The Cabot House fellowships advising team represents a large variety of fields of interest and scholarship experiences, and is eager to help you hone your fellowship plans and applications.... Read more about Fellowships


The Division of Arts & Humanities seeks to pursue and promote the wonders and values of aesthetic and humanistic learning. It strives to cultivate an inclusive community of curious, intrepid, compassionate, and socially engaged learners. The Division of Arts & Humanities contains fifteen departments, four interdisciplinary undergraduate degree programs, and multiple secondary fields. 

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Math & Science

There are lots of things to consider as a math and sciences concentrator. There is also a lot of support available in your House, in your concentration, and at the College.

For many broad questions or issues—for example, picking a concentration, choosing classes, deciding whether to write a thesis, or envisioning a career in your field—talking with a tutor may be the best place to start. 

For questions or issues specific to your area of concentration, you should begin with your concentration advisor—or, if you haven’t declared a concentration yet, with your...

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Social Sciences

Social science is the study of individuals, relationships, and institutions in human societies, past and present. Social scientists investigate phenomena from the working of neurons in the brain to the behavior of socially situated individuals; from interactions among groups like families, communities, organizations, and governments, to large-scale patterns of international trade, alliance, and conflict. They engage vital normative questions—such as the relationship between...

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Study Abroad

Curious about study abroad?

From a full year, term, or even just a summer abroad, there are many ways to experience international study. Over half of Harvard College students participate in an international experience during their time as an undergraduate.

Harvard students travel with the benefit of exceptional support. From preparation prior to your departure and on-the-ground...

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Cabot House hosts a lively community of people with interests in diverse writing genres, including academic essays, poetry, journalism, fiction, and more. We also have a team of tutors who support students working on course papers, theses, and other projects. Contact a Writing Tutor to arrange a meeting, or to share ideas for writing in Cabot. 

For updates on writing events and activities, join the ...

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