Consent Advocacy & Relationship Education Tutors make education programming and outreach events on gender, sexuality, and violence prevention available to their house communities. They are eager to tailor outreach events to students’ needs & interests and are therefore always happy to hear their ideas about house specific programming. CARE Tutors are also a resource for students who have, at any point in their lives, experienced interpersonal violence. They are knowledgeable about campus resources, the University-wide Title IX policy and are committed to assuring students’ access...

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The tutors, staff, resident dean, and Faculty Deans of Cabot House are fully committed to an ongoing process of creating a supportive home for LGBTQ students and their allies. Many tutors post “Safe Space” signs on their doors to identify themselves as affirming allies. Additionally, the LGBTQ tutors, Juan and Matthew, always excited to meet with students individually and in groups to talk about concerns, questions, or just to drink tea and trade funny stories. 

The LGBTQ tutors are also very excited to help support students interested in developing related programs...

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Public Service

Public service takes many forms: from volunteering part-time in a local community to teaching full-time in another country, from running for office to serving in the military, from conducting research on global health to starting a social enterprise.

The goal of Public Service advising at Cabot House is to help you integrate public service into your life in a way that is meaningful and manageable for you. Whatever the level or nature of your interest, we are here to support you!

Throughout the year, we will host a series of events that can help you identify your...

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Living and feeling well can be harder than it seems. Ironically, being able to relax and recharge often requires investing time and energy into finding ways to do it. Wellness at Cabot encompasses a very broad range of topics including:

  • stress/anxiety
  • sleep deprivation
  • making connections with other students
  • depression
  • procrastination
  • diet/nutrition
  • relaxation
  • living a good life
  • religion and faith (or lack thereof)

The Wellness...

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