Public Service

Public service takes many forms: from volunteering part-time in a local community to teaching full-time in another country, from running for office to serving in the military, from conducting research on global health to starting a social enterprise.

The goal of Public Service advising at Cabot House is to help you integrate public service into your life in a way that is meaningful and manageable for you. Whatever the level or nature of your interest, we are here to support you!

Throughout the year, we will host a series of events that can help you identify your passions, connect with other students and organizations who share your interests, and find internships, fellowships, and jobs. We also distribute a weekly email with public service opportunities.

We encourage you to contact us with any questions you may have, and hope to see you at one of our events this year!

Your public service tutor,

Miranda Morrison

Public service resources at Harvard:

Center for Public Service and Engaged Scholarship
The Institute of Politics (IOP)
The Phillips Brooks House Association

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