Cabot Reflections

You're invited to attend Cabot Reflection Circles!


Why We Gather:

Cabot's Sunday Reflection Circles are a recurring opportunity to pause and process any recent events that are on our minds and hearts. We strive to create a safe and affirming space for each person to speak, to listen, and to be heard. At Reflection Circle, we invite everyone to choose their own guiding questions for reflection, and to share as much or as little as they'd like. 


What We Value:

Cabot Reflection Circles are rooted in and inspired by a History of Indigenous practices for fostering conflict resolution, healing, and sharing at a community level, with a Reparative and Restorative Justice—rather than punitive—approach toward reconciling community and interpersonal harms.


Shared Space is Sacred Space.

Come As You Are. 

Speak Your Truth.

We Practice Patience & Presence. 

We Listen & Learn

With Semper Cor <3


Everyone is welcome - all you have to bring is your self.


For more information about Cabot Reflection Circles, please contact DeAnza Cook at