Amanda Pepper

Amanda Pepper

House Administrator
Amanda Pepper
Hello Cabot! I am your House Administrator, Amanda Pepper. I handle the house finances, all housing for Cabot, and I help manage house events. I also manage the Cabot event calendar, so if you want to reserve a room, I would be the one to talk to. I send helpful emails about events happening in Cabot, and other non-academic information that the college wants you to have. I want all Cabot students to be happy and well supported on their journeys through college, and I want everyone to be treated as fairly as possible. I go to a lot of meetings, so if you can't find me in my office try sending me an email... I try to answer as much email as I can.

Outside of Cabot I like hikes with my dog, swimming, jet-skiing, parasailing, and rock climbing. I have one brother who works with the State of Vermont, and a mother who has her Ph.D. in Education (so yes, that makes her Dr. Pepper). 

Come on by if you want to talk about anything. My office has comfy chairs. I also have DVDs and board games for Cabot students to borrow.

Contact Information

Room A-24
p: 5-8740

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