Living and feeling well can be harder than it seems. Ironically, being able to relax and recharge often requires investing time and energy into finding ways to do it. Wellness at Cabot encompasses a very broad range of topics including:

  • stress/anxiety
  • sleep deprivation
  • making connections with other students
  • depression
  • procrastination
  • diet/nutrition
  • relaxation
  • living a good life
  • religion and faith (or lack thereof)

The Wellness tutors at Cabot serve as point people for any concerns, questions or requests you might have to help you live a better, fuller, and more balanced life. They also organize wellness-related events at Cabot and across the university.

Your wellness resident tutor is:

  • Denson Staples
Your non-resident wellness tutors are:
  • Donal Cahill

Please check back soon for a list of Wellness-related events. If you'd like to see an event on this list that isn't there, please email us. We'll either find it if it already exists, or team up with you to make it happen.

Wellness related resources at Harvard

Peer Helplines:

  • Contact (specializing in issues of sex, sexuality and orientation): 617-495-8111;
  • ECHO (Eating Concerns Hotline and Outreach): 617-495-8200;
  • HPCC (Harvard Peer Contraceptive Counselors): 617-495-7561;
  • Response (female-staffed peer counseling on any relationship or sexual issues): 617-495-9600;
  • Room 13 (Harvard's undergraduate peer helpline): 617-495-4969;

Peer Education:

University-wide Resources:

See also: Community